The MCSCF heat-pump lab

Shift-0 is a research project, led by the University of Oxford and supported by MCS Charitable Foundation

Our aims are to

How it works

We access anonymised smart meter data from consenting participants and compare electricity and gas usage before and after heat pump installations. The differences can help us to understand when heat pumps are performing well and under what conditions additional measured can improve their performance.

Find out more about the research context

If you have recently installed a heat pump, or you are about to, please consider registering for this study.

People and partners

Shift-0 is led by Dr Phil Grunewald at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.

The project is supported by the MCS Charitable Foundation. Dr Richard Hauxwell-Baldwin leads the qualitative research.

The project was made possible with the additional support from the Oxford Martin School and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ( EPSRC )



For any questions about Shift-0, please contact